Astronaut Jiu Jitsu galaxy flying armbar shirt

Astronaut Jiu Jitsu galaxy flying armbar shirt

The threat to individual liberty represented by Astronaut Jiu Jitsu galaxy flying armbar shirt justices with no firm respect for the Constitution envisioned by the Founders is that anything can be justified. Instituting a free speech ban, a government-required religion, human slavery, total restrictions on travel – everything dreamt of by tyrants around the world – can be brought to the former Beacon of Liberty by simply adapting judges’ views of what is constitutional to whatever the culture defines as “Cool!,” “Totally Awesome!,” and oh-so modern.

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Astronaut Jiu Jitsu galaxy flying armbar shirt

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A Constitutional Convention is going to have to be Astronaut Jiu Jitsu galaxy flying armbar shirt called for by the several states to redefine what is being done to our constitution and our way of life. Justices on the Supreme Court have ONE task handed them – to be the plumb bob of freedom, protecting it from all the machinations of government-growers and liberty-limiters. We have learned one thing – that liberals Who Mean So Well never come up with anything preserving human liberty.

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