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I decide to look at some other airlines and see if they have any available seats. I am talking to a lady that makes it obvious she really doesnt give a damn about my situation. My daughter calls and I tell her my plight. She says “Robert (her husband) has a ton of frequent flyer miles on a particular airline. Ill have him look at schedules and we will get you home”. A few minutes later, she calls back and tells me to go to the particular airlines window and Robert will get me on a flight. I hand the phone to the gentleman at the window and magic I am on the next.flight with a short stop in Dallas, then to SoCal and then home. I dont even have to change planes. I will be arriving home earlier than my original flight. I happily get on board and am thrilled to be in a window seat.

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Black cat that’s what I do I’m a hairdresser I cut people and I know things vintage shirt

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The flight isnt all. A nice young lady with a small daughter are in the aisle seat. The flight attendant tells “mom” to spread out. We have the row to ourselves. The attendant got some crayons and a coloring book for the little one. She also brought her some cookies and milk..after checking with mom. Our row was content and happy. We land in Dallas and the plane empties out. The flight attendant sits down in the aisle seat and she looks tired. She informs me that she had just become a grandma for the first time just before the flight. She had been up all night. She was heading home to Sacramento. I tell her I am too, but I live about 50 miles outside of Sac. She laughs a d says she does too! Small world, we decide. She asks if Id like some coffee because we have 30 mins till they will call to board the next flight.

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