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I was told that he was going to do what he wanted to do. I bit my tongue believing if I gave him space he would find an inner happiness again. Two years ago his behaviour towards me told me he was in an affair. Denied it over and over. Believe me, as a wife you know when your husband has replaced you with someone else, it’s like you no longer exist. I have realised that people who have not lived through the ramifications of an affair have no understanding of the pain, the lies, the severe selfishness, the lack of respect, the loss of trust which comes with the affair and the life crisis.

Calvin and Hobbes shirt

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One night I had put the 3 boys to bed, Darrel and I went to bed and I was deep asleep when the bedroom light came on and all of the covers were ripped off of me. I sat up and looked at the clock, it was 1am. “Darrel, what is it, what’s wrong?” He was pacing back and forth in the bedroom and said with a laugh through gritted teeth, ”If I can’t sleep, you’re sure as hell not going to!” I’m sitting in the middle of the bed in a t-shirt and panties, and I asked again, “What’s wrong?” He charged over to me grabbed my arms, threw me back on the bed and while pinning me down he said “What’s wrong?” like I was a complete idiot for not being able to read his mind. He had fire in his eyes, I found that is not just a saying, I saw flames licking in his eyes. He released me then continued to pace and started to rant about something one of my girlfriends said to him.

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