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The owner gave me the number! I am calling the police!” He does, and the police arrives . The man gives his version; I gives mine. I show my identity card, which has the same surname as the letter box. I show that I have the house’s key, and it happens that the man’s supposed key doesn’t work ( which, added to the fact that my key was on my side of the lock, explained why he couldn’t enter the home). We call my mom, eventually, who gives a confirmation that she is my mother, that she didn’t rent the house ( the policeman had called a colleague to check that the house was hers). The man keeps repeting “But I rented it!” . It turns out that he was conned: he payed for a fake add, which used google pictures and a quick visit of the place to check the number. The policeman apologize to me and my mother on the phone, tells the man that I am right and that he cannot complain against me ( he can start a procedure against the conman, though) and leaves. I close my door, starts my day

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But one knocks at the door. Being cautious, I go upstairs and open my bedroom’s window. Bingo: that’s the same couple. The man basically tells me that due to their being conned, they had lost all the money they had saved for their vacation housing, were far from home… So can I find another disposition, maybe a camping ( like the place you have to pay to stay at) or an hostel ( there are none around) and leave the house to them? I told them that I’d call the police again if they start that again. When I closed the window, they were alternating between insulting me and asking for my mom’s phone numbe so they could call her and ask me to leave the house to them.

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