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How did you come across the Cold Picnic open call? Where were you and what were you doing?�MS: I was on a cross- Canada road trip with my family when I heard about the competition. Cold Picnic�s Instagram post was sent to me by the head of the textiles program at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, Jeremy Noonan, who I had met on an exchange program I just completed there.�KM: A friend who I am currently studying design with shared Cold Picnic�s Instagram post to me. I still thank her to this day for sharing it because I don�t believe either of us would have imagined the outcome of such a simple gesture.

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SQ: My friend Grace had messaged me the open call Cold Picnic posted on Instagram. She said, �you should totally do this!� It was the beginning of June and I remember I was in my childhood room in Minneapolis sitting at my desk. I�ve been incorporating textiles into my practice for about a year now and in June when the open call was released, I had just got to Minneapolis and felt inspired to respond to my emotion during that time. Coincidentally, I wanted to respond artistically by making a soft good product like a rug. So when I read the post was for a blanket, I told myself I need to do this now. It was really affirming in that moment. So, I began designing for the blanket, which was large-scale and fully embodied, which I love.

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How has quarantine affected your creative process, your perspective? Have there been unexpected joys? Has it been a struggle to find inspiration?�MS: Quarantine has given me more time and space to reflect and experiment. I�ve been trying not to put pressure on myself to make, so when the creative instinct strikes it�s been nice to follow that and to be able to commit to various projects without the guilt and stress of other commitments like work, school and social stuff that COVID life has restricted. My art practice has always been about gender, race and physical space. Everything feels so relevant to that right now. I�ve been writing a lot and growing community, and I find a lot of inspiration in that! The competition didn�t inspire me to make the blanket, as I submitted a screen print I had previously made, but it has definitely inspired me to keep sharing my work!

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