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Apparently, I have to add this, thanks to the Duck Goose top gun shirt Apart from…,I will love this contents of my comments—this answer is about a specific experience more than two decades ago. It does not say what I’ve done with myself since then, how I feel about things now, what I think after having reflected on things, how I feel about social justice issues, what I think about race, or any other of the large, related topics associated with finding out that I had this in my family history. I chose to limit myself to the single experience because I didn’t want to have to write a novel, merely to share a specific experience from a long time ago that I’d imagined might be interesting to others. Comments demanding I defend myself, my family, my experiences, my moral fiber, or any other category of personal virtue will be deleted, and an excess of them will cause me to close my comments. All the conspicuous signs of consumption, of generational consumption, and a source of pride that I had just sort of assumed was normal, or at least was just a part of the way things are. We’re a hotbed of sleep disorders. We’ve got the standard ones covered by multiple people, insomnia, apnea, walking and talking. But we’ve also got the more interesting ones. My sister had night terrors every night from age 2 to 4. 10:30 would roll around and she’s be up screaming inconsolably. I shared a room with her and quickly developed the ability to sleep through anything. When my wife was pregnant she became nocturnal. She would stay up all night and then sleep til noon. She would often sit in bed while I was asleep and watch TV or work on projects. I’m a deep sleeper and will typically sleep through anything. This one night she needed something on the floor. As she leaned over to grab it I suddenly jumped across the bed and grabbed her by the upper arm and jerked her back onto the bed. I was so forceful I left individual finger marks on her bicep which turned into nice bruises. When asked what I was doing I explained that I was catching her from falling. I don’t remember if I dreamed that she was falling off a cliff or something or if I was just exceptionally worried about her falling out of bed.

Duck Goose top gun shirt

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