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When I was an elementary school teacher a part of the curriculum involved learning about energy and the sun. So, recalling the ancient days, I decided to create an experiment where we used sunlight—through a magnifying glass—to cause the ignition of a piece of black paper. Every student was to focus the sun’s raise on that paper until they saw curls of smoke—and then stop. Combining math with this lesson, all students measured the area of the lens and the area of initial incineration (used my callipers for this—area equalling 3.14 times radius squared). Then we divided the area of incineration into the area of the lens. If memory serves, it was about one-six hundredth. So the lens had focussed the energy of the sun into a very small, relative, area—thus ignition.


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No. I’m very sensitive to my glasses being correctly aligned but never had balance problems with them. However the one time I tried to go to progressive lenses they were so bad that I had to take them off to hear cars coming before I walked across the road.


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So for this reason alone I have to consider the possibility my eyes don’t fit the prescription properly. I know already that one eye is working better than the other. So possibly the glasses compensate, so the muscle strength required from the weak eye has to double back up when removing the glasses.

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My guess is that your prescription me be wrong for you or even more likely they are miss aligned. One problem I’ve had is that my face isn’t symmetrical. You can just take to pupil to purple distance and divide it in half to place the lenses.


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Well,I wouldn’t ACTUALLY say that wearing eye glasses makes a person confident, unless that person suffers from eye problems but some people who don’t have eye power wear zero power Hipster glasses because that’s the trend now..and that may make them confident because it’s a matter of their looks.But I feel it’s better to be who you are and look like the real you without those extra zero power glasses . Because at the end of the day,people will remember you for what good you did.


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I think it does in some cases, not sure it does in all cases. It would certainly help an artist, could help engineers, not sure if it would help writers/poets, don’t think it will help farmers. So I think it depends

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Why would glasses make someone grumpy unless they’ve chosen to be grumpy in the first place? Generally, wearing glasses makes people happy to be able to see the world around them clearly. I wore glasses from ages 6 to 47, when I got badly toasted from LASIK. Now I wish I had glasses that would make my vision clear again, although even without being able to see clearly, I’m generally a happy person. Just don’t try to talk to me before I’ve had my morning coffee.


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My eyes are not perfect, but during the 6 months or so I was using prescription glasses blurry vision was a constant issue.

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I find it interesting that all your responses to this great question are from people who have not experienced this. The few (3) I asked who use them seemed to agree that it wasn’t all happy days when they first used glasses. They did however seem to have overcome any issue’s as they all continue to use them.

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