There it goes my last fuck shirt

In many ways, this season felt more like dictation than a dialogue. The most exciting part of watching real Fashion Weeks unfold online prior to the There it goes my last fuck shirt and I will buy this pandemic was the digital scavenger hunt of putting together the various perspectives of a show from the people who were there: a more  treet-style images, and snaps from models, stylists, hair and makeup artists plus everything you hear in the back of a taxi (or in a group chat) between shows with friends, colleagues, and strangers. Having all these voices together, sharing their own views of a live event, made Fashion Week interesting. The conversation of fashion is just as important as the clothes themselves, and in this digital week, it felt like most of what we had to go on was the message the brands were selling us. The number of people with access to designers, to physical shows, to the clothes themselves, and to whats really happening behind the curtain is still quite small may be smaller than ever, considering what was once hundred-person shows are now Zoom panels with just a dozen editors. I hope that when IRL gatherings are back, and while digital shows continue, the access and ability to be a part of the conversation will be more shared and democratized. Zoom may be the big hit of lockdown, but it quickly became clear to me that its a poor substitute for a real-life studio visit.

There it goes my last fuck shirt

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