Hangin with My Gnomies thanksgiving shirt

I assumed because that was my experience that guys like that sort of thing but he didn’t want me to do it behind his back. He was really upset with me for a few days but finally forgave me because he knew I was really sorry about it. I stayed at his house even though he wanted me to leave and just didn’t give up on him for giving me. I realized that even though I was not trying to hide it that I was still in the wrong in assuming it was okay. So yes it is important that if something happens between you and another person that you tell your house. I imagine the first such practice was biting off the umbilical cord and placenta, as other mammals do. Later it might have been cut with a sharp rock—a paleolithic scalpel, if you will—an iron knife, and so on over time. My grandma was in the last stage of dying and I accidentally called the wrong number with my mind not working clearly.

Hangin with My Gnomies thanksgiving shirt

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