Hocus Pocus I smell pumpkin spice shirt

Mathematically, a force can then be represented as a mass times an acceleration. So when something is falling, at some speed the Hocus Pocus I smell pumpkin spice shirt Furthermore, I will do this force of the air resistance equals its weight. When forces are balanced (as described above), the object no longer accelerates. This means there is an upper limit to how fast an object – be it an ant, a basketball, or a person – falls. On a side note, this is why we use parachutes, the increased area means greater air resistance, so the terminal velocity is much smaller than that of a person without one. An ant is very small. Smaller animals have a high ratio of area to mass. Less mass means smaller terminal velocity. Greater area means smaller terminal velocity.

Hocus Pocus I smell pumpkin spice shirt

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