Horror movie character the bloody bunch shirt

I will remember this the Horror movie character the bloody bunch shirt it is in the first place but next time her car breaks down and she needs me to fix it. At that,she hunched over, hocked up a big loogy and spits in my face. This was normal behaviour with he daily. She had no self control. I walked over to the hose to wash myself off and she beat it up the outside stairs and went to her bedroom window to further insult me. In a few minutes two police cars show up and I have several officers approach me. Down the stairs come my sister. They were trying to sort the mess out and my sister just lied and lied. She had a serious denial problem. Of coarse the police see it as a male VS female situation and at first thought I must be guilty of something. After a while the one officers realized he had dealt with my sister manyl times before on similar calls and started to believe my side of the story. I never have and never will hit a woman but she came close that day. I never touched her. She was lieing and tried to get the cops to arrest me but it completely turned around on her.The police finally believed me and it was she that was on the verge of going to jail. Of coarse she starts crying (an act) and they let it go. I loaded up my cabinet and tools and got out of there but not before she came back down after the police left and tried to assault me and the cabinet with my hammer.Her boyfriend then grabbed her and forced the hammer out of her hands and had to physically restrain her so I could load up and leave. This crap happened so many times I can’tpossibly count. She would start a fight with her boyfriend or daughter, scream horrible things and physically assault us. We always just got away or blew her off but each time, SHE would call the police for some reason when she was the guilty one. Why? I think she knew she was wrong but by calling the police,it helped her believe her own lies and it was part of the denial process with her. If she called the police,then certainly she would not be seen as the guilty one,but the victim.Horror movie character the bloody bunch shirt

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