I’m a grandma and a Crimson Tide fan which means I’m pretty much perfect shirt

I’m a grandma and a Cardinals fan which means I’m pretty much perfect shirt

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I’m a grandma and a Crimson Tide fan which means I’m pretty much perfect shirt

My mother in law told us about an upcoming wedding of my father in laws nephew in December holiday time,and we got really excited about it coz they are known to host rather well catered and exclusive functions. She burst our bubble immediately, saying point – blank to us all that we, my husband and I were not invited. My husband got a bit miffed and we later figured out that something was wrong. My husband called up his uncle to discuss something and then also brought up the subject of the wedding.

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And tactfully asked if the wedding guest-list was scaled down,that we were not invited. The uncle was appalled and said that we were, and that he had sent our invites to my inlaws. He sent our invites the following day with his driver. Husband and I didn’t say anything to the inlaws whenever we visited them, and mil kept asking a tad bit anxiously about our usual plans to go up to our other home during the holiday to do renovations, and we reassured her we were leaving as soon as possible.Husbands sister sent us an sms/Watsapp reminder about the wedding the day before, which was a bit fishy coz mil had already told us we were not invited, so it’s obvious that even she knew about the plot and they were just covering their bases, the sneaky bastards.

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I realised why we were purposefully lied to, coz his brother brought all of his 3 daughters and son, whereas our kids and everyone elses children were not invited… The wedding was a gender-separated function,as intermingling of the sexes is not allowed. We end up at our designated tables, and at the “Gora“ ladies table, there was not enough space for one daughter of the brother, because I had pitched up.The brothers wife kicked up such a fuss,despite us trying to accommodate the 6yr old with another chair and table settings, and went off in a huff to sit with her 3girls at another table… I blissfully ignored the fuss and enjoyed my rightful time at the wedding

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We ignored the whole fiasco and did not mention anything about it to the inlaws, which we should have done, because when it came to the first wedding of the family a few months ago before the lock down, which was the brothers first daughter,we got excluded from the wedding and that led to a real family feud, which in my opinion, was long overdue. My inlaws really suck, especially my mil and its really hard for me to understand how she feels it’s OK to treat her own son as she pleases and expects him and I to suck it all up and be quiet.

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