Jason Voorhees ki ki ki ma ma ma shirt

I like him,” he says of the Jason Voorhees ki ki ki ma ma ma shirt and I love this designer, “because he’s like slept on, he’s like kinda low-key, not a lot of people know about him. I like those types of brands that are like really cool but not blown up yet.” One of those is Gnarcotic, who made the skater’s triple-print camo pants; in a fit of boredom, he customized his own camouflage pants with paint markers. Trend chasers can watch Tanaka’s videos for the fashion alone. “Mixing textures and patterns in a haphazard way and not giving thought to it is what I do best,” he admits. Tanaka isn’t one of those people who won’t try something new until someone they think is cool does. Asked why he thinks that fashion so often co-opts skate style, Tanaka explains that he’s always felt that boarders catch on to things a little bit faster than everyone else. “I can’t speak for every skateboarder,” he adds, “but I think we’re always hungry for something new.” In Tanaka’s case, that discovery might be something old school, like logo-heavy Tommy gear, or a Goodwill find. His style is deeply personal, and every piece has a story.

Jason Voorhees ki ki ki ma ma ma shirt

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