It’s a Kansas City Chiefs and wine kinda day shirt

Oh my gosh, I think to myself. I think Meghan’s PR people and others on the It’s a Kansas City Chiefs and wine kinda day shirt it is in the first place but American side of the pond led her to believe that the world would be her oyster now she was HRH The Duchess …. PR people, after all, have an eye for the main chance (I know, because at one time I was one!) and that is what they do. From all I have read, Meghan already had a reputation for being a bit tricky, diva-ish, and demanding. For some reason we have a really big subterranean water tank in our house, which looks more like a bunker than a water tank. They knew because they used to play there with my dad and his siblings when they were kids as if it was a pool. About a month after I moved into my house, a “gentleman” purchased the place directly across the street. I had looked at the place with thoughts of buying them both – but it smelled really bad. About six months after I moved in I had a girlfriend over. She had been working long hours and had worked late the night before and she said she wanted to lay down and take a nap, so she went to my bedroom and crashed awhile and I finished up working on a car I was building. I understand the frustration of having to translate everything in your head. And even if you are really good at that and have trained yourself to translate really quickly, chances are you are not sounding very native and fluent when you speak. That’s because when you translate, you tend to use sentence constructions that are specific to your native tongue, not English. Anyway, my bedroom was on the second floor, the garage was at ground level, and my house was about ten or twelve feet above street level – he was at street level. And, because of the angles and brush and trees – and because I had the radio on (low, I had a friend sleeping upstairs) – the sound of the guy and his mother/wife/girlfriend (it was never clear) talking went over me, but Lisa could hear what they were saying. The first thing I usually recommend to my students is to drop their bilingual dictionaries and start using an all English dictionary.

It's a Kansas City Chiefs and wine kinda day shirt

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