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My grandfather recently passed away after being married 60 years to my grandmother. When he died in the Lady Skull sunflower fuck Whatever I do what I want vintage shirt In addition,I will do this hospital my grandmother held his hands for hours and did not want anyone In the room and cried and cried. She cried like a young woman who just lost her soul mate. My grandfather was the true definition of a charming man. He was a handy man, he was like godfather, always wearing suits, holding his wife’s hand everywhere they went, opening the car door and stores. A true gentleman. It’s hard for her to believe he’s gone. But it’s the truth and she has a hard time accepting that her love is gone and is with God now. My grandpa wasn’t super rich nor successful, but he was masculine and charming and loved his wife very much. His smile gave my grandmother happiness, he would cook food for her and dress formally and have dinner outside their backyard out in the country, do all the works around the house all at the age of 88. My grandmother was helping around too, but when you commit to love yourself and your wife, work doesn’t feel like work, it’s love and feels great to do those things. Sometimes I spent hours to prep the meat and make home made delicious burgers for my girlfriend and even though it’s hours of work, it feels like minutes and I feel happy doing this. Other times, she surprises me by bringing food to my house and we have great time together. We both give to each other without expecting anything to get back. Love is about giving. And when you that person is dead, love will brutally destroy you. But you have to have the ability to accept the truth. I would suggest therapy to stay in good shape mentally or be around family. When your partner is gone, it’s going to be very hard to accept the truth that they’re gone especially in my grandmother’s case, 60 years of being together. I still see my grandmother and ask for advice and her opinion on how they lived such amazing life and marriage, and I do my best to share her thoughts with you guys so you also get to choose your partner wisely if you wish to get married and live an amazing life. Follow me for more or request me to answer your questions. God bless

Lady Skull sunflower fuck Whatever I do what I want vintage shirt

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