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I like to think I am a great multitasker, but this REALLY can be distracting to my brain. This means I have less time and less brain space to devote to YOU. To be honest, I am concerned that I can’t do all those tasks by myself in less time without making a mistake. I mean, I am “good” but I probably have a limit to my capacity, and I don’t necessarily want to be pushed to the point where I am “exceeding” my capacity. I will have some ethical choices to make in the very near future about what I am willing to do. I actually can make a decision but many other doctors have no choice.

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My now ex had been cheating on me for years, and my family knew about it but never told me. Stayed quiet for years and years until I was the last one to find out about it. Obviously it ended in divorce, I would have loved to end it sooner if I had known but for some reason they didn’t want to ““ruin my marriage” (my ex already ruined it by cheating so I would have been happy if they had told me so I COULD have ended it sooner. I’m still a little upset with them for not telling me until it was too late.)

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however, Things don’t always go so smoothly with these kinds of deals. My best friend found out that her sister in laws husband was cheating on her with her best friend (sister in laws best friend) because this friend told my friend one night at the bar and showed her snap chat evidence of them being together. My best friend didn’t know if she should tell her sister in law or not, I told her that when I was in that situation I wanted to know way sooner than anyone told me so my friend told her sister in law who then confronted her husband and best friend who then told her that my best friend was making it all up and she was crazy.

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So now, her and her sister in law, who used to be super close, have stopped talking all together and the sister in law treats her like dog shit. I hope that one day she catches her cheating husband and best friend together because it makes me mad that she didn’t even look into the fact that they could be cheating. She just took their words for it. The best way to reduce or eliminate this problem from your trading is to develop strong good habits early on in your trading career. Once bad habits are set in and firmly in your trading, it takes much more work and effort to get rid of them.

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Luke Perry Waiting On Lane American Flag shirt

Never trust recommendation services to immediately buy a stock. If you use a recommendation service, you still must evaluate the stock for YOUR goals, expectations, risk tolerance, time frame for the hold duration, etc. Emotions have no place in stock trading. Do not trade for the glory or fame. Do not trade to impress your spouse, parents, siblings or friends. Trade stocks for income, for financial security, etc. To be a truly successful trader you really need to enjoy the job —the work of trading just as in other occupations. If you hate the work, then go find another job.

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It can be helpful for frail patients, especially if it can be done with their caregiver and discuss some problems they are having when “getting out of the house” is actually really hard for them. It is terrible for infections like sore throat or cough, where physical exam and maybe a strep swab is mandatory. Lots of folk seek telehealth for these in hopes of just getting an antibiotic, which is what you will get if I can’t tell what is going on. So can be great for follow up, for going over test results, for homebound, etc. It really depends on the problem.

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