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Apparently the reported figure of 45,999 is the total amount of deaths where people tested positive. My family have had 2 instances of this and in both cases it was not COVID related. It is down to the policy of the County Coroners and it is not right.

Lorenzo Cain lean back lo cain shirt

Maybe if drs stopped putting every death as covid 19 there wouldnt be a spike, it’s the government telling them to put covid on them. My job requires me to go in but those who don’t have to actually benefit all of us (though I miss my lovely home working colleagues). I’m now full time at home and I hope it becomes the default way of working.

Lorenzo Cain lean back lo cain hoodie

I always supported homeworking as I felt I was freeing up roads and making a difference for those who needed to travel into work. Keep your employees as safe as you can, they put you where you are today. Chris Silver Diosk if those who can work from home continue, it makes transport for those of us without a private jet and some workplaces less crowded and safer for those of us who can’t work from home.

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