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Anyway, the bedroom door is closed, so I open it to find the woman that lives in that apartment, the woman that lives directly below her apartment, and a guy from a different building, all coupled together in some sort of cosplay threesome! The actual tenant was dressed in a lingerie/corset get up with a mask (I could tell it was her from her build.), the other girl had a cat girl type outfit on as well as a mask (didn’t recognize her until she squealed) and the guy was dressed in stockings, garter belt, heels, bra, wig and fully made up like a girl. Not very well I might add! Now, many of you reading this may think that it might have been a wonderful experience to walk in on, but each one of these people were at LEAST 350 lbs, the outfits not flattering at all, meth Head’s with maybe five teeth between them, and the smell! The horrid, HORRID smell emanating from them! It was like sewage mixed with garlic!

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Baby Yoda Happy Quar-o-teen Halloween shirt

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I was walking home from school one day, when I notice a white truck, like a Uhaul but all plain white, pull aside of me. I turn to look at the truck and a Mexican man wearing a baseball cap was driving. He looked to be about in his late 20’s, maybe early 30’s. He also looked very familiar to me. But I know I did not know him personally. I finally realized he lived around the block from my house. So I spoke kindly to him when he spoke to me. He told me he was lost, and did not know how to get to the freeway. He spoke Spanish. My Spanish was not very good, so I told him I did not know, and I shrugged with a confused look on my face, hoping he read my body language that I did not know Spanish. He said ok, and drove off. As I continued walking home, I thought to myself, “How does he not know where the freeway is if we live down the street from it?” I was only 11 or 12 years old at this time, so I was very naive and I felt that because he was a resident in my neighborhood and didn’t know English, that he just needed some help. I brushed it off and just forgot about this man overall, never gave it further thought.

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