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“There are lots of firsts in this show,” mused Paul Andrew backstage before tonight’s Salvatore Ferragamo men’s presentation in Florence. The word backstage doesn’t really fit the I’m done nursing let’s go camping vintage shirt besides I will buy this Palazzo Vecchio’s sumptuously frescoed courtyard, where the pre-show mayhem was in full swing. “No fashion show has ever been allowed in Piazza Della Signoria before,” said Andrew. “So this is definitely a major first.” It was also the first show with the designer in the role of creative director of both the men’s and women’s lines, and the first time that Ferragamo staged a fashion show in its hometown of Florence. The label contributed to the recently completed restoration of the majestic Fountain of Neptune, which dominates Piazza Della Signoria, the city’s beating heart. “It was this idea of coming home for Ferragamo,” said Andrew. “I thought, how epic would it be doing my first men’s show during Pitti, which celebrates its 30 birthday this year, with this spectacular fountain as a backdrop.” A little ego trip definitely goes a long way. Though everyone thought the idea was bonkers, Andrew persisted and lots of lengthy negotiations with the city mayor ensued. “And voilà! Here we are,” he exclaimed. To top this magnificent location, only a fashion show in Rome’s Saint Peter’s Square would do, but negotiating with the Pope would probably be a much trickier matter. As an homage to the city, a series of prints abstracting Neptune’s impressively toned torso graced a series of loose shirts and lightweight parachute parkas in delicate pastel hues. The charming, rather feminine color palette neutral tones breaking into more vibrant shades of sky blue and orange, softened by hints of lavender, mint, and periwinkle was one of the distinctive traits of the collection, which revolved around workwear templates rethought with a more formal, luxe flair, but without losing a sense of lightness. I would just like to point out that the money supply is part of the total wealth. The amount of total wealth that the money supply comprises can vary considerably, but if one wanted to figure out the real value of the money supply, then like any other form of wealth, we can use the inflation rate. So for example, if we had a money supply of 22 million dollars in the current year, it would be worth 20 million dollars 5 years ago, and its contribution to the total real wealth of the current year would be 20 million dollars. In real terms, 22 million dollars today is equal to 20 million dollars in the anchor year.

I'm done nursing let's go camping vintage shirt

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