Peace Love 49ers San Francisco 49ers shirt

Peace Love 49ers San Francisco 49ers shirt

Days passed, we were strangers now… Peace Love 49ers San Francisco 49ers shirt it became too difficult for me to stay in college…I decided to leave the college mid way..applied for army entrance…started preparing for it and I made sure that my friends don’t know about it. After horrible 5th semester exams, It was time to go home I packed everything was sad inside, leaving friends. I boarded the train and a desire came up to my heard that I want to see her once…I got down at Mumbai as she was boarding the train next day in mumbai. I boarded that train, my friends came to know that I was leaving college , they were shocked…I became toooo stubborn to leave college, they talked with her about this…..she came to talk with me….she convinced me and I gave her a fake promise. I was not convinced, got down at my stop.

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I some how convinced my parents about leaving Peace Love 49ers San Francisco 49ers shirt engineering, I wrote the exam and I was heart broken and sad. I told what all happened from the beginning. They have never seen me suffering like that, my parents became soo sad, They started fighting, harsh words were exchanged between them when I was asleep, I was pretending asleep but am listening and dying inside. Thoughts spammed me “Is this worth, making feel her guilty in college”, “Is this what I loved”. I attempted suicide, I took poison, layed unconscious for few days, I was alive. During this time she was updated about my condition through my friend. My friend told me that she was toooo tensed about me.

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