Spongebob and Patrick Star ice cream shirt

I say to him that I am close to missing my flight. He said no. The airlines are all aware of this and none of you will miss a flight..he seemed so confident that I guess I believed him. Its now been close to 20 minutes. I have about 10 minutes before my flight departs. Finally, they let us through. I am running. I find my gate and as I am looking up, I see ‘Departed’. I panic, but there is still 2 minutes! Nope. Its gone! I am now stranded. Next flight heading my direction with any available seats is 7 hours later. That flight has layovers and i wouldnt be getting home till the next day. I am brainstorming.

The Nightmare Before Christmas you are my sunshine shirt

Sugar skull Halloween shirt

Spongebob and Patrick Star ice cream shirt

Skeleton sick of this shit shirt

Leopard skull I do what I want shirt

Bayern Munich 120th anniversary 1900-2020 thank you for the memories shirt

I’m a grandma and a Cowboys fan wich means I’m pretty much perfect shirt

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein 2020 is the woooorst shirt

Halloween The Golden Ghouls shirt

I was flying from Orlando, Fl. to Sacramento, Ca. My friend was dropping me off at the airport. We got to the airport in.plenty of time. Said our goodbyes and I got in line at check in. There were a whole bunch of people and they kept closing down lanes. Finally got through and heading to my gate. They stopped everyone (I was the first they stopped) and said they were bringing out thw sniff dogs. We had to wait. I am checking my watch, time is tickong, and I see no dogs! Finally, a young man comes a d stands where we are waiting.

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