Stitch is my spirit animal shirt

Stitch is my spirit animal shirt

This is not to say that other systems are Stitch is my spirit animal shirt that much better. Capitalism is just more honest about it. A hybrid system of capitalism on some things and socialism on others is probably the best bet in my mind. But I don’t have a economics degree so take that with a grain of salt. I was dating somebody who really wanted to marry me, but I wasn’t convinced. We went to the Nickelodeon theater in Santa Cruz- which was then a little hippy hangout. We were about halfway through the movie when one of the two young women sitting behind us dumped an entire large cup of soda on my head.

Stitch is my spirit animal shirt

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I was shocked, and couldn’t think of any reason why Stitch is my spirit animal shirt they would have done it on purpose, but they didn’t say they were sorry or anything, and I was hoping my date would have taken over and at least expressed some outrage or said something to them, as I was in shock and wet and cold and had to get up and leave the theater. He didn’t defend me and couldn’t even make me feel better about it- all he did was act sorrowful, and in the end he pissed me off more than the situation, because if I was helpless, he should have picked up the slack and said something. In the end, I knew there was no way I could marry him.

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