Tampa Brady shirt

He was very hateful about it. We were getting ready for new system so we had put in place “prepay only”, so our customers would be prepared when we could no longer turn the pumps on. This man sent his grandson in to tell me to turn the pumps on, when I explained I was no longer allowed to do that, the boy went to get his grandfather. He came into the store ready to bully me into doing as he wanted. Me being the person I am, refused to give into his tactics just because he was being so horrible.

Tampa Brady shirt

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I didn’t fear him like he expected. Which enraged him to the point he tried to snatch my shirt. I’m a small woman and he was a pretty good sized man but being a veteran I will not allow someone to victimize me. I calmly stepped back, told him he would not put his hands on me but he tried to come over the counter to grab me. I told him if you touch me I will bite your hands off. I’m not sure if it was the absurdity of the statement or the fact that I suggested physical violence if he touched me but he walked out. He tried to have me fired but thankfully the company records video and audio.

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