Thou shall not come for MJ mood 247 shirt

Park my car in the Thou shall not come for MJ mood 247 shirt airport parking structure leaving a full bottle of water in my cup holder so I could have water to quench my thirst after trekking to my car. I get in my car and reach for the bottle of water and it’s frozen solid!!! Yes, it was winter in idaho BUR it was a parking structure and I was not hear an open air space. I was not expecting that at all!!!! But of course I didn’t learn my lesson because you don’t think of 43 degrees either to br low enough to freeze… technically it shouldn’t but appa

Thou shall not come for MJ mood 247 shirt

I wonder how many people I can get to join me in saying God bless America T-shirt

I drink Wine because my doctor says I shouldn’t keep things bottled up T-shirt

Home is wherever my bunch of Norwegian crazies are T-shirt

Black girl Magic smart beauty powerful strong loyal magic T-shirt

5 Things you should know about my grandma T-shirt

Wine Shirt Corks Are For Quitters Wine Vintage Shirt

Vintage Medical Technologist knows more than she says and notices more than you realize T-shirt

Toby Keith 27th Years Of 1993-2020 signature thank you for the memories T-shirt

Tim McGraw 28th Anniversary 1992-2020 signature thank you for your memories T-shirt

The Netherlands It’s in my DNA T-shirt

Snoopy Stay home and listen to John Prine T-shirt

Snoopy I’m not Arguing I’m explaining why I’m right T-shirt

Schoolcraft The dopest hood in the city of Detroit shirt

Samurai Sakura under Cherry Blossom T-shirt

Salem Ma est 1693 The Sanderson witch museum home of the black flame candle T-shirt

Reel Women Fish Hunt Camp Drink Shirt

Parrots I scream T-shirt

Ozzy Osbourne Harley-Davidson Motorcycles signature T-shirt

Nirvana rock band 33rd Anniversary 1987-1994 signature thank you for the memories T-shirt

Motorhead rock band fuck Corona virus T-shirt

Metallica fuck Coronavirus T-shirt

John Good Trouble Necessary Trouble Shirt

Joe Walsh Harley-Davidson Motorcycles signature T-shirt

Jaylen Brown Atlanta influences everything shirt

Harry Potter Hard Rock Cafe Diagon Alley T-shirt

Fox is My Spirit Animal T-shirt

Five Finger Death Punch 5FDP fuck Corona virus T-shirt

Doctor Who Tardis In a world where you can be anything be my Companion T-shirt

Diet Did I eat That shirt

Bob Marley no woman no cry T-shirt

Bob Marley Every little thing gonna be alright T-shirt

BMW logo Bob Marley and the Wallers T-shirt

Blue Earth Dog Skull Classic Shirt

Blue Bloods 10th Years Of 2010-2020 signature T-shirt

Baby Groot rock reggae T-shirt

Autism Dad some people look up to their Heroes I’m raising mine T-shirt

Besides, I cannot imagine a Thou shall not come for MJ mood 247 shirt scenario in which a pollster calls a Trumper on the phone, and the Trumper doesn’t just sound off on the guy, telling the pollster that he’s a jerk, part of the fake news pollsters, and proceeding to claim that Trump is making us great again, and don’t ever call me back because it’s dinner time and I’m busy watching The Five, “Martha, is dinner on the table yet?!”

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