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This is just playing with words to avoid their legal responsiblity, everyone knows that, but they use their financial muscle to avoid addressing their behaviour, like a petulant bully. I cannot speak for physicists at the Hocus Pocus Whataburger shirt moreover I will buy this turn of the 20th century, but from within the trenches, I don’t see many people who think that we are even remotely close to solving all the big problem or answering all the big questions. Most biologists I know think that we have not answered any of the big questions (e.g. how did life start?, why do we age?, how did consciousness arise, just to name very, very few), or at least not anywhere near completion. I have a lot of respect for Carl Woese who discovered Archaea and made so many important contributions to biology, but I really do not know who he was taking about, who thought we had answered all the questiomns and just needed to fill in the “details”. In any case, it’s all details.

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I know this may sound philosophical (not that there is anything wrong with it) but in biology especially, with so few “laws” and so much diversity and exceptions to the Hocus Pocus Whataburger shirt moreover I will buy this exceptions of the “rules”, the details is basically all there is, with few exceptions. All I can explain is the design methodology you use and how you explain your business policies, practice and procedure at the beginning of the project as part of the design methodology is the key to learning and gaining any insight about what the client wants. In order to be able to define what logo deliverable you are going to provide and specify in your contract with the client you may have to educate them about your business, about different logos. I do this and most graphic designers as well by asking specific designed questions.

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