Woman Wine Dog Smoker shirt

I believe love is an infinite space of emotions that twirl around to make up our perception of lustful desire, yearning, attraction, such and such. So does that mean I also believe hate is an infinite space of emotions on the Woman Wine Dog Smoker shirt in addition I really love this other end of that spectrum? their religion, their sexual orientation, their political affiliation. I actually read often that ultra right wing people actually believe liberalism is a disease and liberals should be destroyed, as in executed. How messed up is that? So in regards to relationships, hate requires love to operate. It requires the infinite chaos of love. It requires the fuel of the things floating around in love to make it work. Specific to this context, hate cannot exist without the things in love to fuel it. Hate will spark up to exist when that love has been forcibly sliced apart by the particulars that dissolved it in the first place.

Woman Wine Dog Smoker shirt

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