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Have you always been intellectually challenged, or did you fall and hit your head. You’re a woman, you still supporting Trump that trash most women, grab them by their private part. Democrats ran by China an Russia demanded lawlessness in States I can’t believe what I’m seeing. What do you think steyer soros bloomberg and every other left wing hack you can think of will spend a zillion dollars to try and win gotta love that citizens united scotus decision. I know people with advanced degrees who claim the civil war wasn’t about slavery. You just want it to be real so bad, you will believe anything that is anti Trump. Democrats won the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections despite the GOP anticipating a Red Wave. A bunch of people taking it alone is not how you figure out if it helps or not. If their name looks like Wingding characters, they are probably from a troll farm. If the drug is 6% better at reducing symptoms than the placebo in this study, how does that equal didn’t help.

Nevermind that hyrdroxychloroquine is only effective at doing one critical thing that prevents death in the most prominent way healthy people have been dying. If I had mild symptoms I wouldn’t choose to take QUINOLONE drug with long term side effects and possible blindness. It’s a off patent drug made by 6 companies in the US and many more in India there’s no big money in off patent drugs.
CDC driector Dr Redfield said we could drive the virus down in 4 6 weeks if we all wore masks. My doc said scary part beyond the of cases and % of deaths is the VELOCITY.

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