I did not give the diagnosis, but I performed the exam. Probably the mid/late 1980’s a young, slender teen(14–15 yrs) came in for abdominal x ray. Patient c/o abdomen pain. The RT got a surprise , you could see a fetus. Now this person was very androgynous in appearance and had a gender neutral name . We called the ordering physician explained situation and he ordered an ultrasound. I completed the exam. The patient was about 24 weeks gestation. The patient’s Mother did not believe her doctor. Said her daughter could not be pregnant. The patient’s doctor had to come over to the hospital, I had to re-scan patient. Her doctor was pointing out the baby, ,the beating heart, we even turned on the doppler so she could hear The patient’s mother still was not having it. Her daughter was not pregnant. The pregnant patient said nothing.

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One day mom decided to pop out for grocery shopping. So my brother rang up his girlfriend to come over. They were at home for a few hours and then they heard the sound of a car pulling over in to the car park. My brother is panicking and he quickly jumps up and proceeds to drag his girlfriend around looking for a place to hide her. He hears mom coming up the stairs and then he finds the kitchen cupboard. He pushes her inside and she’s a little dismayed as he shuts the door.

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