The passage of half a century has blurred many of the reasons that the 50 Years Apollo 11 1969-2019 shirt was able to accomplish what seemed like science fiction July 20, 1969, the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon. The Apollo program’s stunning technical success depended on a government leadership culture, an industrial organization, a tolerance for risk and a political environment that do not exist today even as NASA insists it will land humans on the moon in five years. Could it be duplicated? Lots of luck with that, said Jay Honeycutt, an Apollo-era engineer in-flight operations who later became chief of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Technically it would be easier today because we have more tools, said Gerry Griffin, an Apollo-era flight director who later became chief of the Johnson Space Center in Texas.

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Politically and financially it would be a 50 Years Apollo 11 1969-2019 shirt. I am not sure we could ever get that reestablished. It is easier to build a spacecraft than to build a team, said Eugene Kranz, mission director of Apollo 11. You have enough knowledge in the industry, but you need top-level leadership that is capable of knocking heads to get people to work as a team now than it was 50 years ago. These legends of the Apollo era say the most important ingredient of the moon landing was not the technology, though it was one of the greatest bursts of engineering in human history.


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