The kind of small dogs you can’t help but love with Adidachs dachshund shirt! Such a sweet baby he thinks mum wanted that stick so he bravely carries it for her.. Aw bless him. So sweet, my mini Dachshund thought she was a German Shepherd, she would lead and three shepherds would follow, she ran a tight ship. I have had one dachshund in my life and two dachshund mutts. Will 100% be getting another at some point. Simply one of the best breeds out there. My spot only weighed nine lbs but he had the speed of a bullet and thought he was bulletproof. Such fun babies. RIP love your spot. Cute video.

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Adidachs dachshund shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Adidachs dachshund Sweater


Adidachs dachshund Tank top

Tank top

Best Adidachs dachshund shirt

Right now he is resting at my feet on the Adidachs dachshund shirt. He’s doing what he was bred to do!. This guy thinks that road made for him. Why he carried so long n big stick he’s too cute but blocking the way. The doxie wasn’t giving his stick away, poor baby worked too hard for cute. I shall take one of every color I don’t care how many that adds up to me I would love them all they are so precious and sweet little faces I could suck their little faces up. He would have loved that.


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