My Adidas Golden Retriever addicted shirt loves cheese also, he comes running when I take out the cheese grater. This is you in retriever form. This is so cute, hang in there and you will get your treat. Our goldens love the smell. What would you do if I bought this for you for your birthday? I have fond memories of a super fluffy special someone who would visit while I was baking and so just this. He may have enjoyed an entire break stick possibly two. Butter used to be cute when he was a puppy too. Maybe if I just look cute they won’t notice. We currently looking to add another to our pack.

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Adidas Golden Retriever addicted shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Adidas Golden Retriever addicted Sweater


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Mine does too Adidas Golden Retriever addicted shirt, but she never takes food without waiting to be given it! Thank goodness. That lil boy is gonna get in trouble in another month or two. There is nothing cuter than a golden puppy. Wow, look at those mits. Gonna be a big one. It is very cute when they are puppies. but now my golden is grown and he still wants to eat everything on the counter. Someone can knock on the door and he won’t hear it but open the cheese and my boy is there in a flash.



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    easy to navigate and customise the tshirt. Great range of styles and colours, super quick delivery and excellent quality tshit and printing. Seriously, youi’ll find it hard to do better.

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