I loved this Alice in chains shirt when I was a kid growing up. The solid wood door I could hear her screaming, less than a minute later she came out of the office, stomping and screaming all the way back to her workstation, yelling about what a horrible company, and what a POS I am, etc. The next thing I heard was her grabbing her personal belongings, throwing them in a box and then stomping out the front door. Loved watching the meeting of the Mels the other night. I watch the episodes on digital channel 9.2 every Monday-Friday 7pm-8pm. Sunday’s at 9:30 pm in Chicago, Illinois.

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The episode when Alice in chains shirt got up enough guts to stand up to Mel and called him a fat grease jockey had me crying. The show was never the same once Flo left. Yes, she was, Belle and Jolene couldn’t fill her shoes. I agree. I will get season seven but it’s hard to lay down $35 for it when I know it’s not the best it was prior to when Flo was on. Agreed, losing Flo was a big blow to the show. I think it’s interesting that Diane Ladd, who played Flo in the film, joined the cast to try and keep people interested in the show.

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