Lol, awesome. I had always wanted to do a diorama with Alien yoga namastay high af shirt, predators and maybe a Black Widow action figure in a rock band setting. Can I please have one for my birthday? It is my 40th birthday too. We are like brothers. We’ve been together so long I can’t imagine life without you. Games and their lack of action retaining AvP. They were gaining stride on great model designs and kits. When I was a kid born in 86 I loved aliens. I got that action figures with the little mini books that came with the figures. I had the planes and characters too. Any one else remember that.

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Alien yoga namastay high af shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Alien yoga namastay high af Sweater


Alien yoga namastay high af Tank top

Tank top

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Seriously, the other color is better anyways. This was just cool as an Alien yoga namastay high af shirt. When does the other one release? The black one that was offered for pre-order a while back? I’m still waiting for that one. No good. These designers have no feel for what Giger was going for. Giger was fundamentally fetishistic: designing eroticized body parts lips, hands, asses, etc always with the human form close at hand. That’s what made it freaky. The designers now are looking at fanboy comic books while drinking a Diet Coke for their inspiration when they should be looking at S&M.

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    I will come back and buy it

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