It means it is based on Anti-Trump Moron shirt and predictable observations that have never been falsified or inconsistent, and therefore has been demonstrated to be a reliable way to explain and predict physical phenomena, but it hasn’t been “proved” other than by observation of what actually happens in the world. It’s a typical comeback to people who say evolution is just a theory – that’s true, but scientifically it doesn’t mean what laypeople think it means. Basically, she’s incompetently trying to insult him by calling him a creationist.

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Anti-Trump Moron shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

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Kayleen Dart thanks for adding this Anti-Trump Moron shirt, completes the picture, and the end is heartwarming. Anthony Morris-Contreras that is how most civilized and mature people handle things. She obviously has not reached that level yet. I have friends and family that don’t agree with me and we get along. We avoid talking about it so as not to damage our friendships. Those employees of the airline were absolutely amazing. I was so impressed with their professionalism. I hope this lady gets some therapy because she truly needs it.


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