Just woke up, nap now breakfasts and lunch grill ham and Beagle Pittsburgh Steelers shirt, lazy day, had my yard clean and ready for fall, so glad having a lot more flowers come up again not have to replant, bushes shape, etc. It’s Saturday and Snoopy worked hard all week making us smile, let him sleep as long as he wants. Not today, babysitting my two grandsons. You go snoopy. It’s been raining and overcast most of the day here. Perfect day for sleeping and being lazy. We have a whole beautiful day ahead. My Rosie and Alfie need to take note. They are too much of an early bird.

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I wish that Beagle Pittsburgh Steelers shirt, but not today. Aye snoopy I am doing the same thing, yes doing nothing today. Just locked in my bedroom watch tv and whenever I fall asleep I sleep in the middle of the movie. I only get up to fix me something to eat and use the restroom. Back to bed again. Today is strike tomorrow I will get up and clean but not today. I don’t know if I’m too sensitive but there is something about this picture makes me uncomfortable and I love sleeping. Snoopy sleeping all day is not good for your health. You should do some exercise too.

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