Best regards from today sheltie meeting on Best Sheltie dad ever vintage shirt. Hey, my sheltie lovers, I just wanna say if you are looking for a great pup and find one through a breeder who is not willing to communicate with u after u drop a deposit, please consider this a red flag. If it does happen, please contact me so we can figure out what is going on. I hate to say it but some breeders don’t care and if they aren’t willing to communicate with u then they aren’t worth your time and u may be getting scammed. You don’t have to buy a sheltie through me but I’d love nothing more then to point you in the best direction. It infuriates me when breeders treat their clients like garbage! You don’t deserve that! I saw a post from women who just asked a simple question is not even a breeders forum but the breeder got mad and told her she can’t have her puppy now and I’m sorry that’s just wrong.

Best Sheltie dad ever vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

Best Sheltie dad ever vintage Sweater


Best Sheltie dad ever vintage Tank top

Tank top

Offical Best Sheltie dad ever vintage shirt

There are amazing people out there who just want Best Sheltie dad ever vintage shirt on their babies. I just got Kai’Sa not long ago and even as a breeder I asked questions. It’s not abnormal nor is it something to apologize over. It’s best that we know that they care and consider them like family. Do not ever purchase a puppy from Billie. Her comments in that thread were heart-wrenching and I feel awful for this poor women. I don’t wanna see any of you go through the same. I promise I won’t take offense if you don’t wanna buy a pup from me like at all. I just want the best for everyone. Hope u have a blessed day!


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