They would talk about their jewelry and Claudia would wear upwards up 4 hands per ring, often, they would talk about the price of their jewels and acted like it was a miracle from God.Their kids had chunky bracelets with their initials on it, gold earrings they would get customized, and gold necklaces.The jewelry situation was quite funny, they learned their lesson of buying jewelry from someone who was most likely, a scammer. The day Claudia needed money ,she took a ring she said she paid $500 for, they offered her $80 because it was not entirely gold.

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Lastly, the situation that bugs me the most has been the one we are living now. After saving money, and both working, my brother and his wife announced they were moving into a nice house they had seen. From the moment they said that, Claudia showed jealousy, as she purchased a property and was planing on making a home there. Their little girl would say, “My mom said we’re going to have a huge two-story house with huuuge chandeliers and a huge pool in our backyard.” Poor child, they told her that years ago and the money has not come in for their home. As soon as my brother moved into his home, Claudia began saying how she wanted to start building hers. Evidently, she did not want her sister to have more than her. Coming home from work one day, my dad saw a trailer that was in very good condition and had lots of space, he called Claudia’s husband and mentioned that it wasn’t too expensive and it was a good deal, guess what? Claudia told him no, she didn’t want a trailer, she felt she deserved better, yet she never worked for it.

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