Love Bruce almighty shirt. Too bad he thinks we care about his political views. When He stands before his real maker, he’ll know the truth. I am an author and I mentioned him in my book. In the updated version he will be removed. Way too distasteful and not funny any longer. Bringing laughter is a gift, why smite it oh great smiter. I like a to-do the cha-cha like a sissy little girl. This is a great showcase for Jim’s comedy, but after several viewings, I watch it now much more for the great wisdom that Morgan Freeman gives in his portrayal of God. There is much to learn in his words.

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I believe that Bruce almighty shirt speaks to us in many ways. Comedy at its best! Love Jim Carrey. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. We need a number three. I saw it laughed so hard my belly ached. Like a glove. Ace Ventura 1 anytime. The scene when he makes a monkey come out of a guy’s butt cracked me up. My tiny nipples went to France. I just watched that the other night and I still get the bellyache from laughing so hard. I miss Jim Carrey’s all-out goofy movies like that.



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