We lived on the sailboat for 3 months when she decided she wanted a baby.. WITH ME?? I told her I was fixed years ago after 5 daughters. She began to look for a new boyfriend online. Finally one day she said she wanted to go be with a guy from Florida she met online so I bought her a bus ticket and said goodbye. Day four I went to bed when she came to my bedroom and said, “I am scared sleeping in that room alone, can I sleep with you?” WTF…me thinking— let me get a breath mint. She went to her room and came back wearing a small teddy…and nothing else.

Buccaneers Brady it’s a new day Tampa Bay shirt

Baby Groot Dunkin’ Donuts I don’t stop when I’m tired I stop when I defeated Covid 19 shirt

I can’t stay at home I’m a nurse we fight others can’t anymore shirt

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United States Postal worker 2020 quarantined shirt

Official Toilet Paper Senior 2020 shit getting real funny shirt

Mamawolf vintage shirt

I don’t always drink when I’m camping oh wait yes I do shirt

Everybody vs Covid 19 shirt

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Tom Brady #12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers shirt

Senior 2020 toilet paper class of 2020 shirt

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Keep your distance but keep smiling shirt

I suppose inappropriate depends upon your point of view. When my wife and I were exploring cuckoldry, I did facilitate her having sex with a fellow actor that she fancied. We were friends with him and his wife. He thought he was having an illicit affair with my wife and was not aware that I knew and approved. Likewise, he was having the affair with my wife behind his wife’s back. After a while my wife and I became concerned about the level of deceit that was involved and we decided that my wife should let him know that I was aware of the ‘affair’ but did not mind. He was fairly cool with that, although he was very surprised. However, we still remained unhappy that he was deceiving his wife. It all ended rather messily when his wife did find out by accident. Looking back on it, we both think we did something rather inappropriate. It’s much better when no one is being deceived.

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