Nope, same old shite, similar to truth or Captain Spaulding I hate people shirt, and all the rest of the awful yank horror shite. Kinda a modern version of final destination versus the ring? Is this available on playstore? The scariest film of 2019 don’t they say this about every horror that comes out now and they all turn out to be crap. Nice concept but still the same old cliche jump scares. Nothing special. The only thing left is how they will beat this app, so they have a nerd looking man. Who read everything and know how to beat this than in order to beat the app he just needs a command window with some fancy 1/0 no. Then he just has to press keyboard with the speed of light and in last press enter and booyah, he beat this app.

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Captain Spaulding I hate people shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Captain Spaulding I hate people Sweater


Captain Spaulding I hate people Tank top

Tank top

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They always hype Captain Spaulding I hate people shirt, don’t they? its looks like a final destination in a different way. Dont like the trailer its so full of cliché and it showed too much. Anyone else notices Tom Segura as the cell phone salesman. Reminds me of the old website called death clock that you look upon the school computers back in the late 90’s early 2000’s lol. After watching went to the app store then checked if the app does exist.

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  1. Gongcha Team

    Just ordered 2 shirts and can’t wait to order more. Website was so easy to use, base shirt was great quality and choice of style and colour was amazing. We buy a lot of band shirts usually at gigs or from an online store and pay same or more for 1 shirt as I paid for both custom designed shirts. Service is sublime, ordered aabout 9pm on Thursday received 1st post Sat morning. Highly recommended.

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