Whatever she ends up sporting, however, one can be best be sure of one thing: It will be extremely chic. The German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans is best known for his playfully arranged photographic installations that blur the Charlie Brown hug Snoopy and Woodstock signature shirt and I love this miraculous and the banal—a windscreen wiper pinned next to an exposed breast, a sweat-soaked raver placed beneath an image of a double rainbow—that have covered the walls of institutions from New York’s MoMA PS1 to London’s Tate Modern. In 2016, however, Tillmans decided to revisit the origins of his long-standing fascination with club culture, establishing a new chapter of his career by producing his own music. Science and religion do not need to conflict. They can coexist in a person’s mind very well. We have seen many scientists [Galileo, Isaac Newton, Max Planck, etc.] who were excellent scientists but they also believed in God. You see, science tries to explain the how of things. We know things in science by observing repeatable events and make conclusions out of them. Religion tries to explain the who of things – God. So there is no conflict there. For example, we can ask: why is the water boiling in a kettle? We can explain scientifically that heat produced by the fire or electricity in the kettle causes the atoms to move very fast and so the water boils. But we can also explain, without contradicting science, that the water is boiling because I want to make tea. The two explanations can coexist very well without contradicting each other. Science and religion can coexist very well. It is not one or the other. You can have both at the same time. Scientific proof or evidence is not the only way we can have any evidence of something. Science is based on gathering data of repeatable and observable events and then make a conclusion about those events. But many things around us are not repeatable. Apart from science, there are also common sense, maths, logic, philosophy, forensics, and history. This is much more a psychological question than one vs the other. How do you reconcile liking The Cosby Show, knowing what Cosby did to people? How do you get surgery, when you know Nazi’s may have helped develop the process. These examples get more nuanced and more complex the smarter and bigger the arguments become, however they are still the same process. With it, Tillmans found himself embraced by the rich, hedonistic energy of New York’s queer nightlife scene, a present-day equivalent to the Berlin underground clubs where he first cut his teeth in the mid-’80s. And so, when the COVID-19 crisis hit these safe spaces for queer people of color with disproportionate force, Tillmans felt compelled to take action. “I realized the potential of the project when I approached Berlin-based LGBTQ+ magazine Siegessäule asking if they needed help,” Tillmans says. “Within days the project expanded, and we’re now able to offer over 30 original artworks to this unique group of New York nightlife collectives.” The eight collectives Tillmans is fundraising for include Papi Juice.

Charlie Brown hug Snoopy and Woodstock signature shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

“Having enjoyed numerous inspiring nights in NYC’s scene over the Charlie Brown hug Snoopy and Woodstock signature shirt and I love this course of recent years, I felt it was urgent to make sure this special biotope is being protected,” he adds. The posters for sale—all available for $50, with printing facilitated by Tillmans’s charity Between Bridges—come from an illustrious list of leading artists, many of whom offered pieces that resonated with the cause. Marlene Dumas’s submission is a portrait in ink of one of the great chroniclers of the Black queer experience, James Baldwin, while contributions from the estates of Peter Hujar and David Wojnarowicz pay tribute to the New York LGBTQ+ art scene of decades past. “These are originals and the designs come directly from the artists’ studios, and were made or chosen for this moment in time,” These examples just demonstrate how peoples perceptions and wants, develop beliefs to support their wants and override what they actually know to be true. Maybe you had faith, but wanted answers, and became a scientist. You still aren’t convinced. You have so many variables that are deeply rooted in your upbringing, you may find it hard to let go. You find ways to explain your beliefs that fit something more rational. In the end, the whole thing might not greatly affect your life and so you support both processes. I wonder if this is the better question: How many scientists, feel the need to turn to religion? Once they do, what is the research they have done to prove scientifically the religion is true and is the only one to be worshipped? – I think I’ll post this question. Sometimes they deal with it by just being secular. There’s a part of them that were taught to be religious, so they follow the rites because it’s the right thing to do and rarely think deeply about dogma or religious philosophy. That way, there’s never a conflict between their job and their religion. Sometimes they deal with it by exploring God’s work. What they are doing is not finding evidence of God, but figuring out how God created the Universe, Earth, life as we know it, etc. What they often have in common is that they don’t take scripture as a science textbook, but rather as an instruction manual of how to be a good human. There aren’t two sides, at least not any more than anyone has we all recognize that different parts of life depend on different ways of knowing.“We thought it’d also be a great opportunity to make accessible heroes of the queer community who are no longer with us.” While the artists of Wojnarowicz or Hujar’s generation may have got their kicks after dark by cruising the Hudson River Piers or socializig in the East Village art community, the queer thrill-seekers of today find their release at the nights Tillmans is supporting—many of which are already on the brink of collapse. (Just last week, artist DeSe Escobar, who is also closely involved in the project, found her Club Glam night in limbo days before its fourth anniversary, after its venue, China Chalet, permanently closed its doors.)



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