Ever wondered who originally sung Cher heart of stone shirt. It’s was great when Jagger and Richards got the confidence to write their own songs. What do you think, Alexandr? Who do you think was their true influence besides the blues to go on writing for themselves. He looked more normal back then. Bill fully upright, golden times. You ever notice how in the 60s tv stones appearances, the camera angle mostly focused on Mick and Keith. No accident. Andrew was looking to increase their profile and minimize Brain’s from very early on. Take a peak going forward and just ponder to see if you agree.

Cher heart of stone shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Cher heart of stone Sweater


Cher heart of stone Tank top

Cher heart of stone Tank top

Best Cher heart of stone shirt

Just for you because I know you like the Rolling Stones over Cher heart of stone shirt. No one covered songs better than the Stones. my favorite stones song ever, but you’ll never break this heart of stone. Brian was already being marginalized. Some baby animals to warm your stone cold heart. I want to pet that furry fluff ball but I should be studying instead. Not that you’re particularly cold-hearted and they save the best for last.


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