Mother’s day is overrated just like Chris Farley holy Schnikes shirt. Just show love, thanks, support and help every day. I rather have that than 1 day. This was totally you this year. Once again, well-deserved after a great year. No doubt – this guy is a Congratulations. The angle he is attacking that at is insane and only allows for contact with a perfect scoop at the end – not ideal. Should have put that more neutral in his stance but still keep the club head open as fuck as he does here. But let’s be honest, he’s the pro and I’m not. Holy Schnikes, everyone. I am finally 2 Followers away from 2500. My grown kids laugh that their Little Old Mother has any Followers on Twitter. Overtime Stanley Cup Final hockey!

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Chris Farley holy Schnikes shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Chris Farley holy Schnikes Sweater


Chris Farley holy Schnikes Tank top

Tank top

Best Chris Farley holy Schnikes shirt

I need a line of Chris Farley holy Schnikes shirt to calm my nerves. If you gave him Luke’s hairstyle it could work! I love that they were all best friends and it’s a shame that Chris Farley died so young the comedy world would be very different, can you imagine Chris in the grown-up movies rip to a legend. Addictions are very hard to deal with in general! I have watched people struggle, sometimes they recover sometimes they don’t. Just gotta pray and stand by their side. I remember watching some Chris Farley movies like Beverly Hills ninja that movie is classic!


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