Dude we miss you I don’t care how many people hate you but you were funny and Chris Farley shirt Thanks being the time you gave me. thought this was tom hanks lol. I was at Marquette at this time as an undergraduate. Probably 1984 or 85. I still miss Chris Farley loved his movies he had that explosive energy was a confident actor him and David spade worked great together. Christopher Busch Bruce Buschner one of you guys MUST get this hat that is all. Oh, and Chris Farley was the man. Chris is the best. he’s been my favorite comedian ever since I saw the matt foley skit on SNL.

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I heard R.E.M’s it’s the end of Chris Farley shirt and we know it a couple of days ago and I thought of Tommy boy. I miss him. they say that laughter is the ultimate medicine and hardly anyone could do it better than Chris. Is this before or after he crashed his apartment high on blow? Miss you Chris! You were and always will be the cat’s ass of comedy! Love your fellow Wisconsinite! This is before he lived in a down by the river! I still laugh hysterically every time I watch the Chippendale SNL skit. Farley was a comedic genius!


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