Because that’s the I am Christmas Groot shirt nowadays people dont know what they are doing these video has a message to recall our self that why always plants or trees sacrifice their self to make humans happy. Only taking the shield is not to be a captain. There was is and will only one captain. Get it because it’s half Steve bloggers half Groot get it. Good to know that he learn to wear clothes and shorts. Of the camera, and it is cute. This is actually better than many SW movies. Even if im not totally a fan of this movie but my heart broke. It doesn’t take much. better still, would swell if some of them read the comics they were making into live-action before fucking up.

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All technicality from the comics I am Christmas Groot shirt is an immortal and can’t die so he just regrows with no memory, but in the movie universe, Groot is dead af. Although technically he is dead baby Groot is still him, the method of plant propagation seen in the film is asexually done, so baby Groot is genetically identical as his father and therefore is more like a clone of Groot than an offspring. Exhausting as shit when writers gotta fill in the blanks via twitter, or other social media instead of, idk, conveying it in the film/book with one fuckin’ line.

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