My parents during all the way since they were in Compton team rapper signature shirt. We used to go to Alatorre after church to check out the vistas outside by the door and buy tamales and champurrado from Doña Chelo. She made the best champurrado. My dad used to take me there on Fridays payday and he’d let me get a small bag of chips and a little canned coke. And getting ham and cheese from the carniceria was a special treat for us, a break from all those home-cooked meals. I remember buying my first pair of Doctor Martens at Duron’s, on the day Selena was killed! Too many good memories of these two places.

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Were very good people. I remember Compton team rapper signature shirt started out with a fruit truck. I loved going there with Grandma. Remember after school mom would take us to Alatorre lol my grandma used to love during lmao Beckie-Dee Flores Lizz Espinosa yall remember. We used to walk to Alatorre all the time or go there when the church was over at sacred heart. I love this place I remember crossing the tracks on Willowbrook. I live close to these but I go to jr’s meat market on Alondra close to the center.

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