This boy is growing fast love Cranky bicycle vintage shirt he is trying improving his English. I see you all are coming to Trinidad. Hope you enjoy your stay. Our new episode is coming today don’t forget. Is it possible that the lady that is laughing can stop it? Otherwise, I just love your show. You guys are so funny. This isn’t Emmanuella, these people are using their name and that’s not right. Thank you, leave your new episode where ever it is. Not funny at all Being destructive and cruel No you are spoiling Emmanuel’s brand. Love all your videos you all amazing and funny my favorite videos no one can beat you, you are the best. Very nice my dear, you can be going ahead.

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Cranky bicycle vintage shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Cranky bicycle vintage Sweater


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This is not good another aunty is actually teaching the little boy unforgiveness and Cranky bicycle vintage shirt. She was so mean. True the teachings are confusing and influential to young ones. It’s very infantile, ridiculously stupid and depressing. There isn’t anything funny about this video. Its total garbage. Emmanuelle and Success can teach how to do nice, clean , non-violent, very Funnnnny and enjoyable comedy. I can’t stop laughing pls try and forgive them.

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  1. Gongcha Team

    Great t-shirt and it come just as it was designed and because they did not do the next day delivery I got ten pound voucher carn’t felt them keep up the good work

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