I need Crazy Halloween lady shirt all. Minus the black candle. I’m not fucking with that lol. Think rob would trip come home see the house decked out. The day it opens, I am going and buying it all. Just fly in to shop the Halloween store with me. The first one reminded me of you and your cute mugs. I want it all except the pillow lol. I would buy you everything if I could. I need all of it but especially the blanket mug wine glass and pillow. Need the Binx pillow because Sam is a Binx. I’m sure a thousand people have tagged you in this but you need these salt and pepper shakers. We need to find out when our store opens. I really want the blanket, Get it. Well, I’m gonna go broke ass.

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Crazy Halloween lady shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Crazy Halloween lady Sweater


Crazy Halloween lady Tank top

Tank top

Best Crazy Halloween lady shirt

Let us start planning Crazy Halloween lady shirt lol. I won’t be around lol I’m going to Salem with my siblings. Help, there goes all of my money. Start planning our Halloween shopping trip. I guess we know where my next shopping spree will be. You probably know this already but it made me think of you! Congrats on your engagement. We should dress up like them lol. Amanda can do Winnie, shelly can be mary and I’ll be Sarah hahaha. All the hokey pokey merchandise! I’m not into mugs like you are but I’d totally get the mug! It’s so cute.


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