She is so beautiful Cry-baby of the year shirt and she does a wonderful job with her eyes. They tell everything about her. God Bless you, Sweetheart. So cute when she was playing with her voice. Like “wait, was that me? Let me do it again. Okay now a little louder to be sure. The angel can’t stop talking! A hearing has made her happier! God bless her. I’m so touched by this tender moment in this beautiful baby’s life. Such a precious child with her sweet reaction to hearing mommy’s voice for the first time. Please stop the vocal comments! It is so annoyingly just let us watch the video in peace.

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Cry-baby of the year shirt, sweater, hoodie and tank top

Cry-baby of the year Sweater


Cry-baby of the year Tank top

Tank top

Best Cry-baby of the year shirt

Her smile and her beautiful Cry-baby of the year shirt till face have made my day a happy one. Thank you for sharing. Oh God, such an adorable baby. Thanks for the modern technology this little Angel could hear her Mom’s voice. Such awesome moments of their life. There aren’t enough words or adjectives in this entire universe to describe how awesome, amazing, precious, and sweet this truly is! So wonderful! How great they can do this! God bless her, she’s beautiful! She has a lot to talk about and she has the name I want my kids to name their baby girl when they have one!


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