Jesus too many cry babies you can never please our whole fan base with Dachshund the green bay Packers shirt. If they would have drafted O-line in round one everyone would have been crying saying we should have gone for defense. Now we get defense and everyone is upset because we didn’t pick a specific player. Granted that there are and were some other beasts to pick from. The way I see it is who cares? The guy looks great, brings a different look and different options. What everyone is missing here is what the coaches are aiming for. Notice the drafts in free agency, they were all dudes built with speed and power. This guy is both that as well. Amos and savage are both that also.

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I believe that coaches want a Dachshund the green bay Packers shirt defense that can get to players faster than just strong dude who built like a bodybuilder. Look at it for what it is. It’s not a bad idea, give them a chance to play and see where our chemistry is on the field. These guys making the choices are professionals, just sit back and watch. Support the team at all costs. Stop worrying about a specific player, look at the whole picture and you’ll see many of it makes sense. O-line will come to trust me. Not because we didn’t pick them in the first round does it mean we failed. Many greats have come in the 4th round.


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